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Stop Sweaty Palms – Your Excessive Hand Sweating Determines the Treatment You Need

The International Hyperhidrosis Society has strict guidelines which ranks the 4 levels of Palmar Hyperhidrosis severity or Excessive Hand Sweating. The first group with mild hand sweating would require only little treatment if any as its poses no serious functional issue. There are many so called treatment to help this group stop hand sweating, ranging from light remedies such as herbal concoctions like sage tea or tablets, the all-purpose natural relaxant chamomile and valerian root, just to name a few. This group is the probably using the occasional hand sweating as a excuse to pamper their senses.

The second group experiences certain amount of clamminess on their palms when they go about their daily chores. This group does not see a real inconvenience to their daily activities but tend to pursue light hyperhidrosis treatment like acupuncture, medication, biofeedback to achieve a more composed and relaxed state of mind as means to manage stress and stop hand sweating.

The third group has constant sweaty palms and the excessive hand sweating becomes more of physical incapacitation than mere mental hindrances. The hyperhidrosis treatment would span the combination treatment of oral medication, Botox injections and medicated application.

The real sufferers of Palmar Hyperhidrosis belong to the group with excessive hand sweating so intense that they literally drip sweat. This is the group of sufferers who face the greatest social and functional challenges almost every day. None of the conventional and traditional hyperhidrosis treatment like medicated deodorant applications, oral medication or medicated creams would be effective. Iontophoresis and ETS surgery would be the last resort to stop excessive hand sweating.

Every one of us react differently to the type of treatment, some developing compensatory sweating on their torso, face, feet, groin after ETS surgery, or temporary inflamed palms after a session of Botox injection, etc. And doctors sometimes avoid ETS surgery unless necessary, prescribing instead noninvasive, non-surgical treatment like iontophoresis which often could be a better alternative to ETS surgery to stop hand sweating.

Get the first-hand opinion of a certified physician before you commit to any irreversible and invasive treatment. Discuss your options, and you might just realize that there is no need to stress yourself further on the right palmar hyperhidrosis treatment.

So far, the only non-surgical noninvasive treatment with no side effects is Iontophoresis. Check out the Iontophoresis Treatment procedure for more details.